Published: 2021-04-28

Evaluation of anti-ulcer activity of 4-hydrooxy benzalydehide against NSAIDs induced ulcers in rats

Rupali V. Jadhav, V. K. Redasani, Shankar B. Kalbhare, Karishma Yadav, Aryan Langeh, Amuruta Tidke


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate antiulcer activity of 4-hydroxybenzaldehyde against NSAIDs induced ulcer in rats based differences in its morphology, distance with other external landmarks and also to sigmoid and transverse sinuses.

Methods: The antiulcer activity of 4-HBD was evaluated using pylorus ligation-aspirin induced ulcer method. Animals of this models were treated with 4-HBD (50mg/kg, 100mg/kg and 150mg/kg).

Results: It has been observed that 4-HBD at low dose (50mg/kg), intermediate dose (100mg/kg) and high dose (150mg/kg) showed significant increase in pH, significant decrease in gastric volume, significant decrease in ulcer index and significant decrease in total acidity.

Conclusions: The impact of 4-HBD therapy with intermediate (100mg/kg, p.o.) dose was observed to be similar with the positive control group.




Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, NSAIDs, Peptic ulcers, Pylorus ligation, Wound healing

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