Spontaneous pneumothorax as a complication in COVID‐19 recovered male patient: a case report from a tertiary care centre in Central India

Sheikh Wajid, Manoj Kela, Abhishek Bawa, Rohit Harchandani, Ashish Vora, Vinod Bhandari, Rajesh Sharma, Ravi Doshi


As the number of COVID-19 cases emerge new complications associated with the disease are recognised. This report records a case of pneumothorax in a COVID-19 patient. Our report justifies that pneumothorax can occur during different phases of disease in patients without any history of pulmonary comorbidity and is not necessarily associated to positive pressure ventilation or a severity of COVID-19. However debatable might be the exact mechanism of the process be, this observation might imply that extensive alveolar destruction due to COVID-19 may lead to bulla formation resulting in subsequent pneumothorax.


COVID-19, Pneumothorax, Pulmonary comorbidity, Cough, Middle east respiratory syndrome

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