Histopathological study of epithelial ovarian tumors with special reference to human epidermal growth factor receptor-2/NEU and CA-125 expression

Shobnam Bahar Barbhuiya, Ananya Debnath, Monoj Kumar Deka, Shah Alam Sheikh


Background: Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynecologic malignancy. The aim of the study was to evaluate the tissue expression of HER-2/NEU and CA-125 in various epithelial ovarian carcinoma and assess the prognostic significance.

Methods: A retrospective study was done in 76 cases of ovarian tumor. IHC was done in 16 cases of epithelial ovarian cancer with HER-2/NEU and CA-125.

Results: Total number of cases were 76. Out of these 76 cases, 22 cases were malignant. 16 cases were malignant epithelial ovarian cancer. The highest incidence of malignant tumor was seen in the 41-50 years age group with 9 cases (11.84%). Out of 11 serous adenocarcinoma, 9 cases (81.8%) showed tissue expression of CA-125 and rest 2 cases (18.18%) did not show expression. All the 5 cases (100%) of mucinous adenocarcinoma did not show any tissue expression of CA-125. HER-2/NEU expression was positive in 7 out of 16 cases that is 43.75% and negative expression was seen in 9 out of 16 cases that is 56.25% of cases. Maximum HER-2/NEU positivity is seen among grade 3 tumors, that is (62.5%) (5 out of 8 cases).  

Conclusions: The incidence of epithelial ovarian tumors are more common. The tissue expression of CA-125 on malignant epithelial ovarian tumors was studied, which showed positive expression in serous cystadenocarcinomas, but not in mucinous cystadenocarcinoma. HER-2/NEU expression was seen to be increasing with advanced grade of the tumors.


Epithelial ovarian cancer, HER-2/NEU, CA-125

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