Effect of intravenous clonidine premedication in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy


  • S. K. Gvalani Department of Anaesthesia, HBTMC and Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital, Juhu
  • Hemant S. Pawar Department of Anaesthesia, GSMC and KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai




Alpha 2 agonists, Hemodynamic attenuation, Laparoscopic surgery


Background: Pneumoperitoneum to facilitate laparoscopic surgery produces hemodynamic changes that can be harmful for the elderly as well as patients with cardiovascular compromise. Clonidine is an alpha- 2 agonist that can attenuate these changes.

Methods: This study of 100 patients was a single blind prospective randomized controlled study. Patients were randomly divided into two groups of 50 each. The clonidine group received 2 microgm/kg iv clonidine in 10 ml normal saline 15 minutes prior to induction. The placebo group received only normal saline. Hemodynamic parameters and incidence of vomiting and shivering were noted.

Results: Data was analysed by Pearson’s chi-square test. Clonidine significantly attenuated the rise in heart rate, and the blood pressure. The incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting was less in the clonidine group. It also reduced shivering.

Conclusions: 2 microgm/kg of clonidine iv can be reasonably recommended as a premedicant for laparoscopic procedures in otherwise healthy patients. However further study is required to test its efficacy in patients with compromised cardiovascular function.


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