Published: 2021-06-25

Efficacy of trifocal versus bifocal bone transport on large tibial bone defect: a systematic review and meta-analysis

I. Wayan Subawa, Putu Astawa, Priza Razunip, Anak A. G. D. Maha Putra, Gede M. Putra, Agung K. Arnaya, Ryan Putra, Ketut K. A. Marta, Agus S. Putra, Nariswari A. Wiraputri


One of the most common long-term complication of chronic osteomyelitis of tibia is segmental bone loss. One of the methods to manage the segmental bone loss in osteomyelitis is bone transport technique, which is able to reconstruct a defect of more than 6 cm. This paper aims to systematically review and analyze the outcome of bifocal and trifocal bone distraction technique on the tibial bony defect. A comprehensive literature search was performed using PubMed, Google Scholar, and Cochrane library. The inclusion criteria were any studies about comparison between bifocal bone transports with trifocal bone transport in management of large tibial bone defect. The outcomes assessed includes external fixation index, duration of regenerate consolidation, lengthening speed, bone transport distance, and operating time. Two studies reported shorter external fixation index in total of 57 fractures in the trifocal group and 61 fractures in the bifocal group. The meta-analysis showed significant difference in external fixation index between the two groups (Figure 1; RR=-44.37; 95% CI 73.73-15.01; p<0.0001) with significant heterogeneity (Chi square=11.38, p=0.0007); I2: 91%. Although only two studies were compared, both studies had almost similar subjects, and shown that trifocal bone transport technique had faster external fixator index compared to the bifocal bone transport group in the setting of severe bone loss in tibial fracture.


Bone loss, Distraction osteogenesis, Bifocal bone transport, Trifocal bone transport

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