Clinicopathological study of bacterial lesions in a tertiary care hospital


  • Sonti Sulochana Department of Pathology, Saveetha Medical College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Jalavadi Rahul Siddartha Department of Medicine, Stanley Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



AFB, Bacteria, Culture, Special stains


Background: The incidence of bacterial lesions has been on the rise over the decades. In our study, we assessed and studied the spectrum of bacterial lesions retrospectively for one year and their clinicopathological correlation which was diagnosed on histopathological examination in a tertiary health care center.

Methods: The present study (retrospective) has been done to analyse the incidence of bacterial infections obtained in the histopathology laboratory and study its clinical correlation and significance. Clinical details of the cases were accessed from biopsy requisition forms and included tissues from various sites in the body. Special stains were done which included acid fast bacilli (AFB), Fite Farraco (FF) stain and gram stain for the identification of bacteria.

Results: A total of 318 cases including 288 H. pylori infections, granulomatous inflammation 18, Hansen disease 9 and 3 actinomycosis infections.

Conclusions: The histopathological diagnosis of bacterial lesions are of utmost importance as it is more reliable than culture in circumstances of reduced tissue availability. Early reporting is extremely necessary to reduce complications related to bacterial lesions.


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