An analysis of ear discharge and antimicrobial sensitivity used in its treatment

Mukund M. Vaghela, Hiren Doshi, Sneha Rajput


Background: Ear discharge is one of the cardinal symptoms of ear infection along with progressive deafness, pain, tinnitus and vertigo. Main objectives of the study were to study the various causes of ear discharge, isolate and identify the microorganisms associated with different causes of ear discharge and study the antibiotic sensitivity patterns of the isolated organisms.

Methods: All the patients matching the inclusion criteria were enrolled and sample of ear discharge was collected. This sample was sent to the microbiology laboratory for isolation of microorganism and antimicrobial sensitivity testing.

Results: In present study 115 samples of ear discharge were examined for the presence of microorganisms. Out of 115, 93 (80.86%) samples were positive for growth of microorganisms and 22 (19.13%) samples were sterile. Out of 93% positive samples 61 (65.59%) samples were pure-bacterial growth, 8 (*8.60%) samples showed pure fungal growth and 24 (25.80%) showed mixed growth of both bacteria anti fungi.

Conclusions: Overall bacterial isolates were higher than fungal and pseudomonas appeared to be most common. It was found sensitive to ceftazidime, amikacin, imipenem, colistin and aztreonam.


Ear infection, Antimicrobial sensitivity

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