A review of COVID-19: a threat to pregnant women?


  • Amanjot Kaur Department of Pharmacology, Adesh institute of medical sciences and research, Bathinda, Punjab, India
  • Jasninder Singh Department of Paediatrocs, Adesh institute of medical sciences and research, Bathinda, Punjab, India
  • Shweta Shingla Department of Pharmacology, Adesh institute of medical sciences and research, Bathinda, Punjab, India
  • Mandeep Kaur Department of Pharmacology, Adesh institute of medical sciences and research, Bathinda, Punjab, India




Coronavirus-2019, Vertical transmission, Immunosuppression, Hypoxia


The outbreak of Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) has widely spread worldwide. While, mild symptoms have been observed in a majority but on the other hand, the virus may cause severe pulmonary disease. The major concern has been the pregnant women. In this review, we have tried to cover COVID-19 infections transmission, diagnosis, management, prognosis during pregnancy. The evidence on vertical transmission has been lacking. However, physiological changes during pregnancy, make women more vulnerable to this COVID-19. The problem of anxiety also flares up the disease in pregnancy.


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