Published: 2021-08-25

A study of peripheral neuropathy in cases of type-II diabetes mellitus patients with or without hypothyroidism

Sonali Das Pradhan, Sumana Panja, Shiuli Roy, Saktipada Pradhan, Kaushik Samajdar


Background: Type 2 diabetic patients have a higher prevalence of thyroid disorders, particularly hypothyroidism.  Peripheral neuropathy is a common and disabling complication of diabetes mellitus. Peripheral nervous system involvement in hypothyroidism is also a well-documented fact. Nerve conduction studies are generally considered to be the most sensitive and reproducible in the assessment of peripheral neuropathies. This study helped to determine the prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in diabetic hypothyroid patients as well as to compare it in diabetic patients with or without hypothyroidism. It compared the onset latency, amplitude, conduction velocity and F- wave latency of some nerves in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with or without hypothyroidism.

Methods: With RMS, EMG, EP MARK-II, nerve conduction studies are done in 30 cases (type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with hypothyroidism) and 30 controls (type 2 diabetes mellitus patients of diabetes without hypothyroidism) respectively, attending the Diabetic Clinic and Biochemistry Laboratory of North Bengal Medical College.

Results: Data were treated with Unpaired t-Test. The study reveals that type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with hypothyroidism have higher prevalence of peripheral neuropathy. There is statistically significant (p<0.00) decrease in motor nerve conduction study in both right and left median nerves in diabetic patients with hypothyroidism than in diabetic patients without hypothyroidism.

Conclusions: All diabetic patients should be screened for early detection of hypothyroidism as type 2 diabetic patients with hypothyroidism have higher prevalence of peripheral neuropathy. The nerve conduction study remains the most reliable, accurate, and sensitive method to evaluate peripheral nerve function.


Diabetic mellitus, Hypothyroidism, Peripheral neuropathy, Nerve conduction

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