Factors influencing utilization of maternal and child health services among the postnatal mothers in hilly region

Priyanka Joshi, Gomathi Mahalingam, Dipti Y. Sorte


Background:Maternal mortality is a global issue and WHO recommends the use of maternal health services to help improve the health of women and babies during pregnancy and childbirth. Use of maternal health services is an effective means for reducing the risk of maternal morbidity and mortality, especially in places where the maternal and child health (MCH services utilization was poor. The main objective of this study was to assess the factors affecting utilization of MCH services among postnatal mothers in selected hilly areas of Uttarakhand.

Methods: The study has adopted exploratory descriptive design. The data was collected from 196 postnatal mothers within 42 days of postnatal period by administrating self-structured questionnaire in selected community areas of Pauri District, Uttarakhand. Samples were selected by using convenient and consecutive sampling technique.

Results: The present study revealed that the main reasons given by the individual women for not attending antenatal and postnatal care  services that they were apparently healthy in present pregnancy, distance from MCH centers, doctors are not available in MCH centers, better services in home and lack of time due to household work. Conclusions: The findings of this study will help the nurse-midwife who are working in community and hospital setup to understand the factors that hinder women from utilization of MCH services and provides evidence to address women’s problem for ensure effective utilization of available MCH services.


Antenatal care, Factors, Maternal and child services, Postnatal care, Utilization

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