Retrospective analysis of surgical outcome in orbital tumour cases

Chandrashekhar Wahegaonkar, Madhavi Wahegaonkar, Bhushan Patil


Background: Eyes, being an important sensory organ, plays vital role in Daily life of human beings. No wonder it has been described by writers often as window of the soul or mirror of the mind. The main aim of the study was to study retrospective analysis of surgical outcome in orbital tumour cases.

Methods: This study was carried out in 21 cases of orbital tumours with varied pathology. All patients were subjected to surgical intervention.

Results: Vision improved in 9 out of total 21 cases. Cosmetic appearance improved in 17 out of 21 cases. Only one case of recurrence was noted.

Conclusion: Surgical intervention in orbital tumour cases was very useful in improving cosmesis and improving/maintaining visual function.


Orbital tumours, Surgical excision of tumours, Meningioma and neurofibroma excision, Eye tumours

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