Published: 2017-01-02

Prevalence, pattern, risk factors and outcome of stroke in women: a clinical study of 100 cases from a tertiary care center in South India

Sandhya Manorenj, Snehalatha Inturi, B. Jyotsna, V. Sai Savya, Devender Areli, O. Balarami Reddy


Background: Stroke is the leading cause of acquired disability and the third leading cause of death in women worldwide. There had been relatively few studies of stroke in women. Objective of the study was to study the prevalence, patterns, risk factors and outcome of stroke in women. A cross sectional study with case control comparison and prospective follow up at one month at ESIC Super speciality hospital, Hyderabad in South India.

Methods: Total 100 stroke patients were identified over a period of 3 months and data collected on the basis of clinical proforma developed for the purpose.

Results: Of 100 stroke patients, 31 were females. Ischemic stroke was seen in 25 (80.64%) females. Age was an important non-modifiable risk factor for stroke. Stroke was predominant among older women 23 (74.19%).  Mean age of stroke in females was 57 years. Menopause 27 (87.09%) was the predominant risk factor followed by hypertension in 25 (80.6%), dyslipidemia in 19 (70.3%) physical inactivity in 17 (54.8%) and diabetes in 12 (38.7%) females respectively. Majority of females 27 (87.09%) were uneducated as compared to males 27 (39.13%). The overall mortality in females was 3 (9.6%) as compared to males 3 (4.3%). 25 (89.2%) of females were ambulatory when compared to males 62 (93.9%). 

Conclusion: Stroke was common in older women and ischemic stroke was the predominate type of stroke.  Physical   inactivity was the significant risk factor in women when compared to men. Women are more likely to be disabled after stroke than men.



Stroke, mRS score, Women

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